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Paoletti Engineering has always been a family passion.

A perfect alchemy between what we produce and the people who choose us; a history of tradition, commitment and passion.
The long experience of the founder Graziano Paoletti melts in the dynamism of the new generation that sees in his son Pierluigi the guarantor of continuity.
Every day the Italian passion for technology, innovation and research feeds our desire to offer unique products that meet the changing demands of the timber industry.
We present our technological innovations, the result of an ongoing and concrete commitment to offer increasingly versatile machines, capable of adapting to your production requirements, through intelligent solutions.



Revolutionary numerically controlled automatic group of polyurethane glue spray dispenser. In the line context, this is by far the most innovative solution at European level allowing you to apply accurately the quantities set with absolute precision at beginning and end of the cycle.
With 5-axis controlled by Brushless motors with Mothion Control and management via touch screen, we get the absolute accuracy of dosing and the precise application of the glue into the surface of the panels, together with saving of glue and cleanness of system.
Laser Control of the thickness of the panels to be glued with spray dispenser self-adjustment.
Glue spraying nozzle with maximum controlled width of 600 mm, max working watertight pressure 120 bar, spraying speed up to 60 m/min.
Glue applicator does not require maintenance, thanks to the particular non cross-linking system of the glueing group, during idle periods.


Junction line Finger “Joint LINE C”

for the production of longitudinal and transverse laminate wooden elements. A continuous press works with laminate wooden elements up to 80x300 mm maximum diameter, and therefore also for the production of Bilam and Trilam beams. The configuration of the line is modular to be able to automate it according to subsequent requests.
We have developed a solution with 2 milling units and Brushless motors which can feed the press at 170m/min. This solution will increase production capacity, which in its basic configuration is able to produce approx. 15 m3 /shift, thus getting up to 50 m3/shift.

- Max dimensions of the laminated wooden elements to be joined:  mm 80x200/250/300
- Maximum length of elements to be joined: mm da 1500 a 3000
- Production capacity for each specification m3/shift from 15 to 50
- Maximum press thrust power = 15-20 tons
- Unlimited length of wooden elements to be joined
- Bonding with structural polyurethane glue


Automatic line for glueing and cold pressing “CROSSPRESS 32”

Modular with various pressing units properly connected in continuous, built with a heavy thick steel structure to guarantee the absolute structural rigidity.
Upper sectioned moving planes fully hydraulically operated with adjustable working pressures up to more than 10 kg/cm2.
The front, rear and side packing/alignment groups of laminated wooden elements to be pressed, are hydraulically high-performing with electronic control of compaction.
Transport system for loading/unloading walls with a series of motorized chains, hydraulic lifting/lowering.

- Loading front: mm. 3200
- Useful light between layers: mm. 500
- Specific pressure: kg/cm2 8-10


The solid wood panels of cross-laminated X-LAM represent one of the most modern building products made from wood (engineered wood). By cross-bonding the individual board layers, on the X-LAM the wood develops structural capacity typical of slabs and plates. It can therefore be used into walls, floors or ceilings for the manufacture of all types of buildings: single- and multi-family homes, multi-storey buildings and offices, industrial buildings, extensions and elevations.
The X-LAM laminated wood has several other important features: it is fire-resistant, it is quick and precise to be assembled, is stable, is environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic, breathable and offers an extraordinary wind and air resistance, has an excellent thermal and noise insulation and thanks to the reduced thickness compared to cement and concrete, let you save a lot of space inside your home.



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